Rattlesnake Ridge

May 10, 2014

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Contact:  Mary Mantzarinis,  e-mail; Phone:  425-228-3058  or
Pat Campbell (253)735-2858,


Fees:  Credit only is $3.00  Free participants are welcome but all must register, carry, and return a start card.


Award:  Traditional Four Plus patch is $9.00 (includes credit).  50 patches will be available, no reorders.


Pre-registration:   Must be postmarked by May 3, 2014.  Make checks payable to Four Plus Foolhardy Folks and mail to Mary Mantzarinis, 2101 SW Sunset Blvd., Apt. #D-301, Renton, WA  98057-6103. 


Miscellaneous:  Restrooms and water are only available at start/finish. Pets are permitted on leash.  A Discover Pass is required at the upper parking lot at the trailhead.  However, the lower parking lot adjacent to the Snoqualmie Point Park does not require a Discover Pass.


Directions:  From Seattle and points west:  I-90 east to Exit 27.  At the end of the off-ramp, go right and follow the road to the end.  Go through the gate on the right to enter the trailhead. 


From points east, take I-90 west:
Take the WA-202 W exit, Exit 31, toward North Bend/Snoqualmie.
Turn right onto Bendigo Blvd S/WA-202 E. Continue to follow WA-202 E.
Turn left onto North Bend Way.
Continue through roundabout at Casino, taking second right out of roundabout to stay on North Bend Way.
Stay left and pass under I-90. 
You are now on Winery Road. The road is not signed but dead ends at Snoqualmie Point Park. Follow it until the end.  The first entrance is for the trailhead for the 
Rattlesnake Mountain Trail. 

Text Box: Start Location:  Rattlesnake Mountain Trail trailhead, 37580 Winery Road
Start time:   8:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Finish by:   4:00 p.m.
Distance/Rating:	 5 km (3.1 miles), 10 Km (6.2 miles), 13 Km (8 miles), 20 Km (12.4 miles), all rated 3C
Challenges:  Landscape; Mountains, Forests; Parks
Description:   The trail follows I-90 fairly closely, but there are times you don't remember that it is there.  Still, the reality of being in a managed forest does intrude - you do see and walk through clearcuts.  Fortunately, the forest canopy does get more mature as you go, and there is a delightful progression of ecosystems along the way.  The first nice viewpoint is Stan's Overlook, about 2.5 miles in (elev. 2100').  From there you can see Mt. Si and the Snoqualmie Valley.  Next up, and a fine turn-around for those not traveling end-to-end, is Grand Prospect at about 4.9 miles.  This precipice is due south of the town of North Bend.  At six miles and 3500 feet is the high point of East Peak - great views abound from here!  Then trail descends to Rattlesnake Ledge at 8 miles.

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